A hunger rarely sated

by Anopheli

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released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Anopheli Oakland, California

cello driven emo crust from Oakland California via London England.

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Track Name: The Embittered Living
The embittered living

Sour skies, do not excuse this!
Weep upon us and wound us!
We have gathered up our sadness,
Cut into it with knives!

We whittle away at weapons
Willing our own end
What has lead us here is consent,
Bloody stumps where once were heads

Scolding sage!
Absolve us of our defiance
We thought ourselves resolute
In our hunt for dominion

We gained a taste for your blood
We wept when we had none
And craved of your embrace

So sick of our incompetence
Rank and file we have ebbed
Battered by our;

Inherent rot
The blackest damp
It rises up
With appetite
Track Name: Incompetent Sires
Incompetent sires

A quandary of broken shadows
Play out upon the face of our dismay
The halters fastened tight
Chomping at the bit that chokes

Steeds hammer their furore!
Frantic pandemonium
A thousand hooves to pummel
Out the tempo of our gall

Every obstruction redundant
Smashed to smithereens
The vehicles of our vehemence
Fuelled with wanton exasperation!

Spittle blinding sight
The waves of exhaustion
Only abated by the wrenching
Of this unceasing plight

What have we earned?
Nothing good came from arrogance
Trodden our restraint
Into the sodden ground

We've drawn out all the blood
Our wounds house broken catheters
The septic lesions spew

With beleaguered hindsight
We turn our heads around
Drink in the wretched
Sights so staggering

The wastes our presence brings
Antagonist of everything
Regard is obsolete
As we swarm bacterial

We grasp with feeble hands
At reins that lash and scourge
We've truly lost all sense
All attachment to the earth

We've drawn out all the blood
Our wounds house broken catheters
The septic lesions spew
Our torrential gore
Track Name: Forest of the Genocides
Forest of the genocides

Weeping knots form crude eyes
Boughs buckle with such torment
Lithe and black from flames cruel lash
Of fates much worse than ending lives

Reams of fated days
Written in the rings
Centuries engrave
Their delighted vanquish of

The lust within us all
So lost in our forlorn
Draconian blight
Of our avarice

Still and unyielding
Cascara glower
The countless eyes
Within static skulls

Tissue seeks entropy
To dwell within this stance
Forever contorted in
This agonising dance

Immovable roots longing to flee
Coveting that which can never be

Beset with spores insidious
Choking out all necessity

Acres of looming limbs
Aching splintered trist
The prospect of respite?

Why must we be the ones who care?
Every moment the thorns endured
Track Name: Rime

Convulse serpentine
Veracious sea divides
Exposing sediments
Once encumbered by

Oceanic tome
Anatomies intone
Scars the edifice
With echoes of life

Leviathan speak your sacrament
The surface heaves with fathom breath
Gravest deep, abyssal sink
Pour liquids down to quench your wrath

Gullet sounds tease lithic notes
Drag discarded dreams from atrophy
We smile with vague recollections
Then once again we discard

Listen! the shrill gull extols
From eroded bow we are deafened
Litanies of kelp and salt
Lost on senses permanently dulled

The instruments have lost their song
Without the words we mouth along
Shanty notes in dissonance
The ragged verse of incontinence

The water resonates with ire
And bile to drench the funeral pyre
The land is scab upon new wounds
We pick away to exhume

The blood is life! We hollow out!
Finite gain from stratal stone!
Anchors cast on shifting plates!
To drag us down to grave fortune!

Our woe is us!

Inebriant! fermented seas!
Liquor taste of bitterness!
Acid broils within our bowels!
Last utterance of gut instinct!

Our woe is us!